About Us

About Us

HaitianBae.com is a Haitian American brand dedicated to promoting Haitian history as an integral part of Black history. Through apparel, accessories, and novelty items adorned with Haitian-Creole language and phrases to celebrate Haiti's rich cultural heritage and advocates for its rightful place in the global narrative. 

Haiti continues to go through civil unrest and turmoil, Haitian Bae aims to bring pride to the community while educating many on the heroic acts of the world's first black-led republic and the first independent Caribbean state that served as an example for enslaved people around the world. 

Haitian Bae will continues to share the messages of Haitian Culture with pride. The bold pieces generate powerful conversation to bring awareness of Haiti’s impact on todays culture. 

Thank you for supporting Haitan Bae.

Any questions or inquiries? Reach out at Hello@HaitianBae.com

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